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Today, what we’re gonna do is trim the fat. We’re gonna talk for who will like Purple beds rather than go through every little item. Let’s just get down to it.


Who’s gonna like purple? So we’re gonna talk about all that. Alright! Let’s start with policy stuff.

  • Policy

We think it’s important that you know this stuff. Purple offers completely free shipping with all of their beds with the original purple – purple 3 purple. The original one shipped via FedEx and a large purple bag. That was pretty quick. The ship via FedEx and then for purple two, three and four.


Because they were really heavy, they used to ship them full-size with White Glove delivery via a local moving company or a carrier. It looks like they’ve been able to roll pack those and also ship those inside a bag via FedEx.

I’m not quite sure what’s gonna happen for you. However, if you do end up getting one of the new purple beds, it’s gonna show up in one of those giant purple back. It’s not gonna hurt the mattress. The company has tested it and they feel like maybe it just helped them with shipping costs or something.

Sometimes, you’ll get White Glove delivery. You might not get it in any case though delivery is not gonna cost you a dime. Now once the bed shows up your house, that’s when the trial period starts. You have 100 nights to try it out. If you don’t end up like in the bed, you get 100% of your money back inside the trial period. Just call them up and get your money back.

If you do keep it, it comes with a 10-year warranty which is pretty standard and all of these beds are made in the United States. They’re made in a facility. I believe that purple owns in Utah, which is you know it’s pretty cool.

  • Who is Purple for?

So who’s gonna like them? The first category is somebody that’s just you’re sick of what’s out there. I’ve heard this from so many people that say “I’ve tried pillowtop mattresses. I tried memory foam. I’ve tried latex, etc.” and nothing works. They’re willing to try something new like Purple. I am a huge fan of a purple mat on our team sleeps, on purple Dylan. I believe even now sleeps purple mattress. There are just some people that have fallen over the purple mattress and they just love it.

People that are sick of what’s out there also the second thing would be just hot sleepers in general. If you look down at hyperplastic polymer, the top layer on all the purple beds, the original purple two, three and four, they all have this top layer. That’s not a foam. It does not coil. It’s kind of big Dr. Scholl’s insole. The way they’ve laid it out in a grid format so that there’s tons of air that can sit inside the mattress. The material itself, hyperplastic polymer, doesn’t heat up like foam does and so throughout the night.


If you sweat a lot or if you just generally get hot, maybe you’ve got night sweats or hot flashes. Purple beds do a great job of remaining at a flat neutral temperature. I think most people overlook it. That’s pretty cool about purple is that they’re not an active cooling bed. They didn’t incorporate a cooling textile on the cover to where it’s gonna try and actively cool you down. They just don’t warm up. I think that’s something people should acknowledge. There are some nice cooling beds out there, but they might be overkill. Purple just does a great job of keeping on a neutral temperature that’s something I appreciate.

I’ll also say individuals of all sleeping types so side back stomach and combination sleepers. It’s not quite that simple. The original purple mattress it sits at about a true medium maybe a hair softer purple. It’s a little bit more expensive.


Purple 3 it adds three inches of hyperplastic polymer which mean that you get a little bit of a softer experience. I’d say purple 3 is a true medium on the soft to firm scale. Purple 4 adds 4 inches so it’s the softest bed that they make. You get almost this weightless experience. You’re just floating on top of the bed and I like that.

It’s gonna sink in on your shoulder and give you great pressure relief, same thing with your hips. However, it’s gonna support the other areas of but your body nicely. A lot of this stuff is subjective based on your weight. If you’re 300 pounds you’re not gonna sleep on the original purple bed, it’s ten inches thick nine and a half uses foam as its support base. I’d say under 230 250 pounds you can get by on the original purple. You’d save money getting the original purple, so it might make sense and of course, you can sleep on the new purple beds. They are incredibly supportive but there is a little bit of a gap.


There in the sense that yes you can sleep in any position you want but you need to factor in your weight as well. I also think purple is a good solution for couples assuming of course that you agree on the feel of the, bed the feel and the firmness. It’s gonna be a really good bet for couples because of two reasons. One, it does a really good job of isolating motion for being a hybrid mattress. They have really good edge support. You can see that they added a railing system of a little bit of a denser foam. That’s to help keep you on the bed if you get relegated to the edges of the bed or you share a smaller size mattress.

I think purple beds are really good for couples but remember that hyperplastic polymer is a new type of thing that not everybody agrees. That’s all I have for you there’s a huge bucket of people that will like purple. If you think the hyperplastic polymer might be for you, you’re intrigued by it again.

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