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Layla Hybrid Matress vs Leesa Mattress

Hello everyone! today I am making a comparison between Layla Hybrid and Leesa

So before I get into it, If you need any more information about either one of these beds, we’ll be sure to link those down below in the description for you to check out along with a bunch of other related stuff.

So what are the policies that you’re going to be getting for either one of these beds, well to start you’re gonna get completely free shipping, Layla hybrid will arrive, and I think a big bag whereas Leesa shows up in a big box, the unbagging or unboxing process is the same though, you just rip off all the plastic unroll them onto your foundation and watch them expand, keep in mind that coil beds like Layla’s hybrid will pop right into shape, while all-foam beds like Leesa, take around like one to three days to fully inflate, just because their foams have been compressed to fit inside of a box, you can lay down on Leesa right away, but it will feel a little bit different right after the unboxing.

Once the beds are unboxed, that’s when the trial period begins, so you get 100 nights with Lisa, and 120 nights with Layla hybrid, so whether it’s a full 3 or 4 months, we think that’s more than enough time to test these beds out to see if the right for you or not. if you find out that you don’t like either bed within that trial window, you get completely free returns, you just call the company up, and they’ll usually sound like a local charity to come by, and pick up the beds at no extra charge, and you get all of your money back.

Leesa vs Layla mattress side by side

Why get Leesa over Layla hybrid, it’s got a much different feel, and keep in mind I’m gonna be talking about the original Lisa mattress because that’s their most popular model.

Leesa Mattress construction
Leesa Mattress construction


So this is a 10-inch thick all-foam bed comprised of just three layers, on the bottom you have a six-inch support core of dense poly foam, then you have a 2-inch transitional layer of memory foam, and on top, you have Lisa’s proprietary LSA 200 foam, which feels kind of like an airy fluffier poly foam, so due to this construction we’d say that Lisa has more of a neutral foam, feel, even though it uses memory foam, it doesn’t feel like a memory foam bed because that top layer of LSA 200 foam manages to balance out that sink in sensation, and make it way more responsive.

It sits right at a proper medium on the soft a firm scale, so it’s going to be great for all sleeper types, back stomach side and combination, keep in mind though that firmness is an altogether subjective thing.

So if you’re heavier the bed might feel a bit softer while if you’re more medium or petite, it might feel a little bit firmer to you, we think that the feel of Leesa mattress is super comfortable, and accommodating to all sorts of sleeping preferences out there, another factor in.


Leesa’s favor has got to be its price point relative to Layla hybrids, a queen-size Leesa typically retails for right around $1,000, but I believe we have a coupon code link down below in the description that should save you a couple hundred bucks on it, after discount it’ll come down closer to around 850, whereas Layla’s hybrid in the same size cost around $1,600, Layla also runs promotions year-round though, I’m not quite sure what they’re gonna be offering quite yet on this bed since it’s so new, but if we can find anything, we’ll try to link it down below in the description for you.

I think with the discount you’ll probably end up paying more so around 1,400 bucks.

Let’s get back into the comparison why go with Layla’s hybrid over Lisa, well one defining characteristic of this bed has to do with its construction, so like the name states, this is a hybrid mattress that utilizes coils and foam within its design.

Layla mattress construction
Layla mattress construction


And on top of that, it’s flippable, so it has a soft side which is distinguished by the kind of lighter gray cover, and a firm side which is the one with the darker gray cover, both sides use the same type of foams, the only difference is that the phones, that are used on the soft side are just a little bit thicker, so in the middle of the bed, you have a six-inch layer of pocketed coils, on either side of these coils you have transitional layers of a more responsive foam, that’s kind of similar to latex.

And on the top and bottom, you have layers of a copper-infused memory foam and speaking of memory foam, that’s exactly how this bed pretty much feels, the copper infused memory foam, that’s found on Layla’s beds isn’t really like your prototypical dense viscous memory foam, that you’d find on say like a Tempur-pedic mattress, it’s way plusher in response, so when you go to lay down on it you’ll nestle in and it’ll contour to the shape of your body, but you’re not gonna get one iota of that stuck feeling making switching between sleeping positions pretty effortless.

Layla bed vs Leesa bed
Layla bed vs Leesa bed on display

The soft side is a proper medium soft on the firmness scale, so it’s gonna be best for side and combination sleepers. However, if you’re a little more petite, you can get by in any sleeping position.

The firm side is around a medium maybe even like a medium plus, so if you’re like an average-sized individual, it’s gonna work for all sleeping positions, back stomach side and combination. If you’re heavier though, it’ll be best for side and combination sleepers in particular.

So that’s a comparison, I hope that it was helpful.

Thanks and don’t forget to check out our page, see you next time

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