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Simmons Beautyrest black mattress – The luxury bed

Hi everyone! today we’re doing a review of the Simmons Beautyrest black mattress which is the quintessential luxury mattress.

If you go to most mattress stores, this is probably going to be the high-end mattress that you have an opportunity to try out, you know Curtis Simmons, they are one of the largest bedding manufacturers in the world, they’ve been in business since like 1870, they know what they’re doing, and they created the Beautyrest black line to show off like the latest and greatest in terms of materials and mattress tech

If you notice I said Beautyrest black line and not mattress, and that’s because there are actually like nine different models within the Beautyrest black lineup, and naturally this has confused a lot of people which is probably the reason that you’re watching this video, but it also means that they have a mattress for pretty much everybody.

Most of the models they come in different firmness levels with or without pillow tops and at different price points, but to simplify things for today’s post because that is a lot to cover, we’re gonna go over what you can expect from all of the Beautyrest Black mattresses.

So the Beautyrest black line up, if you order online, you get free delivery free in-home setup and some sort of trial period although that does change, it looks like season to season, so check the link in the description to see you know what sort of offers that they have right now.

There are three things that you’ll see across all Beautyrest black beds.

The first thing is a special support framework, this is called their advanced pocketed coil technology, and it’s exclusive to the black line up, what’s special here is that these are individually wrapped coils, and therefore they’re better at isolating motion than your traditional innerspring system, these are also braided, so they have three strands per coil, and that helps to supposedly make them stronger and more, resilient this will be mostly important to heavier individuals or anybody that plans to keep their bed for like 15 years or longer.

The second thing you’ll see with all of the beds is some sort of gel memory foam, which makes up the majority of the cushioning layers, you can see micro Diamond memory foam, gel touch foam or black ice memory foam, these are usually buried below other layers of different materials, so to be honest with you they don’t help to keep the bed especially cool, that’s just for marketing and to prevent the beds from warming up excessively.

The third thing is some sort of like surface cool textile, that’s supposed to draw body heat away from the mattress, now we think the Beautyrest black sleeps more neutral, it’s not cool but that’s probably a good thing if you’re trying to, please the vast majority of people out there, and as a disclaimer, as you probably know there are a lot of things that impact temperature regulation of a bed.

As far as which Beautyrest black mattress is most popular that’s probably the Natasha lineup, I’ll link that down below in the description. And specifically, it’s probably the plush pillow top version, so this bed has that pocketed support coil system it has black ice memory foam, latex foam, which is a more responsive foam, and then a softer pillow top.

Overall it is a very thick mattress, it’s about a medium-soft or a medium on that firmness scale. We think this one is particularly good for side sleepers and combination sleepers, that tend to rotate positions.

At night if you’re a strict back or stomach sleeper you may want to look into the firmer option in that Natasha lineup, which I’ll link down below in the description, as for how the bed feels, well it feels like exactly what it is a thick innerspring bed with a soft nice pillow top, it’s very comfortable, it hugs your body, you sleep more in the mattress versus on the mattress which is why we say it’s best for side and combo sleepers, it has great edge support which is important for couples, and edge support just refers to how well the bed keeps you on the bed.

So if you find yourself sleeping along the perimeter or sometimes, you get a roll-off sensation, this has such good edge support because it is foam encased, it’ll keep you on the bed, this is important for couples sleeping on a smaller sized bed, so thumbs up.

They’re also motion isolation, it’s good it’s not great, this again is most important for couples, anybody that’s active in their sleep, you’ll tend to kind of you know to mess with your partner, or wake your partner up you usually want to bed that’s good in terms of motion isolation, this particular one, it’s just okay because it does have those coils, but I think for the vast majority of people unless you kick like a mule in your sleep, it’ll be good.

A thick heavy mattress, very well made it does have handles, and if you get it through us mattress, they do offer that free in-home setup, so that way you don’t need to worry about setting up someone else brings it there, and you know, sets it all up and all you don’t want to throw out your back hitting your brand new mattress.


So that’s the Beautyrest black lineup of mattresses. We hope that it was helpful.

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See you next time and don’t forget to check our page.


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