Casper, Ghostbed, Leesa Mattress comparison

Casper, Ghostbed, Leesa Mattress

Hi everyone! today we’re talking about Casper, Ghostbed, Leesa mattress comparison.

We’re gonna talk about what we like, what we don’t like, and at the end, we’ll talk about who we think each bed is best for, and just so you know, we have done other reviews and comparisons and buyer guides that include all of these mattresses, so check down below in the description for more details.

So just to kick things off yes all of these brands did send us their mattresses for free so that we could test them but we did not accept any payment to say good or bad things, that would be super lame and that’s not what we do here on the channel, so what we’re gonna do is go bed by bed and talk about the major features with each one of them, again we did do individual reviews and I’ll have those linked down below in the description, so there’s a lot of stuff down there that you want to make sure you read.

Also, all of these mattresses ship completely free, they all come with some sort of in-home trial period, most of them come with completely free returns, if you don’t like them you can get all of your money back inside that trial period, and then they all have a ten year plus warranty.



Let’s start with Casper, which very well could be the most popular, most well-known, online mattress brand, so the flagship Casper mattress is four layers of foam with a soft nice cover, it is extremely comfortable, it just has like a soft foam feel to it, it’s not like memory foam, even though the bed does technically incorporate memory foam, it just has a soft neutral foam feel to it that I think a lot of people will like, it’s responsive and has none of that stuck in the mud feeling.

It’s not a medium on the soft to firm scale which makes sense, because they’re trying to please the most amount of people with this bed, we think it’ll be good for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and even combination sleepers like me that tend to rotate positions during the middle of the night, so all sleeper types should be comfortable on Casper

What Casper changed in the past year is that they’ve added this new zone support system which first showed up on the Casper wave mattress, this essentially provides more support in the center third of the mattress, which is where the majority of your weight is right your trunk, your hips, that’s where you carry the majority of your weight, so what they did is they reinforced, and made a little bit more supportive and firm, that’s Center third, and then the top and the bottom of the bed, have a little bit more pressure relief, mostly for your shoulders.

The MSRP for the original Casper mattress is about $1000 for a queen size, but they do offer discount code, so check down below in the description, we probably should have one down there for you.

Ghost bed

Next is Ghost bed we didn’t include it last time but it deserves some airtime, you can tell who ghost bed is going after just based on the name of the mattress, this is a Casper competitor the bed has three layers of foam, you have poly film as the base, then memory foam in the center, and then latex foam on the top, it has more of a mixed overall feel to it it’s kind of between memory foam and latex foam which makes a lot of sense,

Because it uses both types of foam, you get the pressure relief from memory foam, but then you get some of the upsides of latex as well which are that it tends to be a cooler foam, tends to be more responsive, and very very durable, it’s one of the only beds out there, that uses latex foam that is this affordable.

Generally, when you see the foam you can expect the bed to be more expensive and to take a lot longer to ship, but Ghost bed has some of the nice upsides without a lot of the downsides of latex foam, I think it’s a pretty nice mattress that’s actually really comfortable, it too is about a medium on the soft to firm scale maybe a hair firmer than Casper, and we also think it will work for all types of sleepers back, stomach, side, and combination sleepers as well.

Ghost bed like a lot of these brands, tends to play around with pricing quite a bit, it goes up, it goes down, the MSRP for a queen-size mattress is about 900 dollars, but you can typically find it for around $800, so check down below in the description and we’ll try to have some sort of discount down there.



We have Leesa which you’ve no doubt heard of it’s one of the most popular bed to box mattresses out there, I would put it right in between Casper and ghost bed in terms of firmness, it is slightly firmer than Casper but slightly softer than ghost bed, keep in mind though that softness firmness is subjective based on your weight.

So just keep in mind that firmness and softness is on a range, it’s not an exact point, the overall feel of Leesa is pretty neutral it still offers good support, and nice pressure relief but no overwhelming memory foam feel, it’s actually really really comfortable, and they just updated it with a new layer, so previously they used a foam that was called a vena foam.

I also think this mattress will be just fine for all sleeper types a back stomach side and combination, like Ghost bed, Leesa sets prices a little bit high and then they almost always offer discounts, so a queen-size mattress is around $1,000 before discount, but you can typically find it after a discount for about $850, so once again, check down below in the description I will stop saying that because you can just assume, that there’s a lot of stuff that you should look at down there.


So that’s about Casper, Ghostbed, Leesa Mattress. I hope that it was helpful.

We also got another awesome post about The Best Amazon mattresses here so check it out!

Thanks and see you next time.

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