Nectar, Purple, Saatva mattress comparison

Nectar, Purple, Saatva Mattress

Hi everyone! today we’re talking about Nectar, Purple, Saatva mattress comparison.

We’re gonna talk about what we like, what we don’t like, and at the end, we’ll talk about who we think each bed is best for, and just so you know, we have done other reviews and comparisons and buyer guides that include all of these mattresses, so check down below in the description for more details.

So just to kick things off yes all of these brands did send us their mattresses for free so that we could test them but we did not accept any payment to say good or bad things, that would be super lame and that’s not what we do here on the channel, so what we’re gonna do is go bed by bed and talk about the major features with each one of them, again we did do individual reviews and I’ll have those linked down below in the description, so there’s a lot of stuff down there that you want to make sure you read.

Also, all of these mattresses ship completely free, they all come with some sort of in-home trial period, most of them come with completely free returns, if you don’t like them you can get all of your money back inside that trial period, and then they all have a ten year plus warranty.


Let’s start with Nectar, this is our only true memory foam mattress, this one is interesting for several different reasons firstly, it doesn’t come with a 100 night trial period, it has a 365 night trial period, so you have an entire year to test out nectar which is pretty absurd, and you can get free returns inside the first year if you decide that you don’t like it, so that’s pretty cool, it also comes with a forever warranty so most beds are about 10 years, this one has like a tiered system, but is a lifetime warranty, so after you’re 10 it’s a little bit less coverage, but more than most brands offer.

In terms of the feel of nectar this is a memory foam mattress, so you have more of that prototypical memory foam feel, a deep memory foam feel, so if you like memory foam, you’re probably really gonna like nectar if you don’t like memory, foam then you most likely won’t like it, in terms of firmness, it’s somewhere in between maybe a medium or a medium-firm, again this depends a little bit on your weight, but I would say it’s a little bit firmer than the rest of the mattresses, we’ve covered so far, I still do think it’ll be fine for all sleeper types whether its back stomach side or combination although you will get a little bit that stuck in the mud feeling, so switching positions, will take a little bit more effort I guess it’s not my favorite bed for combination sleepers, but you can sleep in a variety of sleeping positions.

One of the best things about the nectar mattress is just the price it’s like $700 for a queen-size mattress, and when you order a bed, you almost always get two free pillows which pretty cool thanks Matt, these are the pillows that you get, so when you order a nectar you should get two of these inside the big bag that houses the mattress.




We have purple which is one of the most unique mattresses on the market today, you’ve probably never tried anything like it, which means you will either absolutely love it or it won’t be for you, now for purposes of this video. We’re gonna talk about the original purple mattress, if you want details about purple two three and four, we did do additional videos and other written content about those, so check down below in the description.

What makes purple mattresses interesting is the top layer, which is a proprietary material called hyper elastic polymer, you won’t see it on any other mattress, so picture a gel like material, that’s laid out in a grid format, and so this incoming thanks, so this is a little sample of hyperelastic polymer, so this provides a few big-time advantages, so number one it is soft yet firm, so it’s soft where you need it, and firm where you need it which you won’t get with a lot of foams, the other thing is that it’s responsive and durable, what that means is that when you go to switch sleeping positions in the middle of the night, you will be able to do so effortlessly, you’re not going to get any of that stuck in the mud feeling you’ll be able to roll around, no problem and then on top of that you won’t see a body impression left behind, so just to demonstrate it, this is again a little sample, it can stretch 15 times its original state which is pretty dang remarkable.

The little sample by itself is pretty cool, I could occupy myself for hours just with this thing, and the other thing about hyperelastic polymer is that since it is laid out in a grid format, it allows for a bunch of airflows, so it has very little surface area and a ton of pockets for air to get into.

Therefore, if you want a bed that’s good at regulating temperature Purple’s gonna be a really good option, it’s not gonna actively cool you down in the middle of night, meaning it’s not cool to the touch, and it won’t make you like shiver but it will not heat up, so if you sleep on at night purple is a nice option.

Since the original purple mattress is only 10 inches thick in total, it is gonna be best for petite and medium-sized individuals, if you’re a little bit heavier check out purple 2, 3 or 4.

This mattress is going to be good for all sleeper types, back stomach side, and combination, and it’s going to be a nice alternative for people that tend to rotate positions constantly in the middle of the night, because of the responsiveness.

One thing that we don’t like about purple is that they don’t usually offer discounts, so you probably won’t ever find a coupon code for their beds, however, they do run bundles where you can get like a free pillow or a seat cushion or sheets or something like that, so check down below in the description to see what promotions they’re offering today.



We have Saatva which also wasn’t on the list last year but is a top 10 online mattress brand, so what’s cool with Saatva is that they offer free why delivery which means they bring the mattress to your house, they set it up for free, they can even remove your old mattress if you want you you don’t have to lift a finger with this mattress, and it is constructed differently than all of the other beds on this list, so this is an innerspring mattress, it has two layers of coils, you have a traditional innerspring system on the bottom, and then you have pocketed coils on top of that, and it is offered in three different firmness levels, so they have a plush soft, a luxury firm, and a firm, so you get to select your firmness level for this bed, rather than just hoping that the medium firmness level is perfect for you.

So if you want an extra firm bed you can get it if you want like kind of a medium, maybe a medium-firm bed, you can get it if you want a softer mattress, they have that option as well.

This bed is supportive because it has those two layers of coils, and it’s gonna be the best option out of all the beds on this list, for heavier individuals because of those coils, it’s a comfortable mattress has an organic cotton cover, and just overall looks a cut above most bed in a box mattresses, it just looks nice, now the biggest downside with Saba is that they don’t have completely free returns, they charge a ninety-nine dollars to return the mattress, so if you tend to get buyers remorse frequently soft, that’s probably not the bed for you, but if you want more of a luxury online mattress Saatva, as one of the best brands.

The MSRP for a solid mattress is about a thousand dollars for a queen-size mattress, and they seldom offer discounts, they say our mattress is affordable enough, we don’t want to offer any coupons on it, I’ve said this a million times but they would rather burn a mattress, then offer a discount on it, they’re just saying that look it’s a luxury mattress, at a thousand dollars, it’s a nice price point and I agree with them. although I would always love to see more affordable beds.



Saatva since we could not find any coupon for Saatva we got you a very similar mattress but it’s much more affordable: Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid

So that’s about Nectar, Purple and Saatva Mattress. I hope that it was helpful.

We also got another awesome post about The Best Amazon mattresses here so check it out!

Thanks and see you next time and don’t forget to check out our page.

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