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Hi everyone! today we’re doing a post about the Lull mattress, this is one of the most popular bed in a box mattresses out there.

So we’re just going to cover the three best features of the bed and the three worst things about this bed, so that way you have both sides of it.

Lull Mattress
Lull Mattress

So like a lot of these bender box mattresses, with Lull you get completely free shipping, it shows up in a box, you get a 100 night trial period, so you can test it at your own house, nobody telling you what to do which is awesome, and then you get free returns if you don’t like it and a 10-year warranty, so that’s kind of the basic stuff you’ll get with a lot of these online mattresses.

So let get into the feature of it.

Positive things

The three best things about this bed, number one is that it just has an “accommodating feel“, so we see this with quite frankly a lot of mattresses, but this has a little bit more of a unique feel in that it has a hint of memory foam without having that overwhelming stuck in the mud feel to it, so it’s pressure-relieving still pretty supportive, but we think universally comfortable so most people will lay on the bed and say “yeah it’s pretty dang comfortable”, it should be good for all sleeper types back stomach side and combination.

Lull Mattress Close Up
Lull Mattress Close Up

And just overall it has an accommodating neutral foam, memory foam feel, so just kind of right in the middle there, it is unique in the sense that you can tell as memory foam, but it’s not going to be overwhelming for you it’s not gonna be like a traditional memory foam bed where you sink in slowly over time and start sweating, that’s not what this like it. actually only has like a one and a half-inch layer of memory foam, so we think it’s pretty subtle and overall we like the feel of the bed.

The other thing is “durability“, so we don’t have a mattress roll later here but we checked consumer reports and they have one and they gave this bed a great or an excellent in terms of durability, so that’s over 10 years of use did it show any depressions or stuff like that, but they gave it a great which by the way matches the same rating that they gave Kasper, and some of these other online mattresses so in terms of durability it’s gonna be pretty good for anybody that’s like under 225 pounds or 250 pounds, so if you’re petite or medium-sized should be great in terms of durability.

Lull Mattress Construction
Lull Mattress Construction

And the last thing at least on the positive side is the “price“, so the MSRP for this bed is about $900 for a queen-size mattress but Lull always offers a discount, whether in cart or on the mattress page and they usually bring it down to about 750 to 800 for a queen-size mattress, so if you just compare that to Lisa or Casper it’s about you know anywhere from like 50 to $100 then Lisa depending, and anywhere from like a hundred to two hundred dollars cheaper than Casper, so for a similar feeling bed, you get it much cheaper if you go through a lull.

Negative things

As a negative thing is where the bed is manufactured, so according to Lull website, it is made in various factories throughout the US and China, so we guess it’s not entirely made in the US now all the films are still certipure-us certified, so they’re still safe to sleep on and it has to meet all these rigorous standards, but for anybody that only likes buying American-made, we can’t 100% ensure to you that this bed was made in the United States because sometimes it is going to be made in China.

The other thing is that it only comes in one “firmness“, so if you want a particularly soft bed or a really firm bed, that’s not going to be the Lull mattress because it only comes in one feel and it’s about a medium on the soft to firm scale, so just one firmness level, you can’t choose super soft, you can’t choose super firm.

Lull Mattress Firmness Scale
Lull Mattress Firmness Scale

And the last thing and this is just me being nitpicky but it’s kind of annoying, and you can actually feel it a little bit if you’re like active in your sleep, it has a Lull cover, so we mentioned this when we first tried out this bed over a year ago, we don’t love the cover it’s soft it’s nice, but it’s so loose that it kind of can bunch upon you, and we know that’s not a huge deal because you’re putting sheets on it and most people probably won’t feel it, if you’re super active in your sleep kind of moving around you, might be able to bunch that that cover up and it could make you mad.

Lull – Memory Foam Mattress | 3 Layers of Premium Memory Foam

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So that’s the Lull mattress, We hope this was helpful, We’ll see you next time.


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