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The Flippable Mattress

Hello everyone! today we’re gonna talk about the Flippable mattress


The Flippable Mattress – Policy


Before we get into all the fun stuff, like what this mattress is made out of, let’s quickly go over all the policies, you’re gonna get if you purchase this mattress, you get completely free shipping and even though, it’s a burly or heavier mattress, it shows up to your door roll packed inside a large bag, so all you do is drag it in your house,

Layla even includes some straps to help you carry it with which is pretty nice, open it up and let it expand. it is a bit heavier so you might want to get a friend to help you out, but it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes, usually, memory foam beds take a couple of days to reach their true firmness level, and this bed does include a good amount of memory foam but since it has coils in there, we think it’ll be pretty much fine right away. but you may want to give it a day to fully expand, once you show up at your door you get a hundred and twenty night trial period to see if it is the bed you want, if it’s not for any reason, you get free returns.

Layla Flippable Mattress Close up
Layla Flippable Mattress Close up


The Flippable Mattress – Price, construction

If you’re doing all your research I highly doubt you’ll have to return this thing, but knowing that you have no risk of buyer’s remorse is nice, and speaking of buying how much does this mattress cost keep in mind, this is a brand new product, so the price may change later on.

Layla Flippable Mattress Construction
Layla Flippable Mattress Construction

The MSRP is about sixteen hundred bucks, we think they’ll be offering discounts on this bed as they do for the original, so we think you’ll be paying about fourteen hundred for Layla hybrid. so you know it’s not cheap but for a more premium hybrid mattress, it’s not crazy expensive either, we’ll put a link down below. So you can check it out and hopefully, there’ll be a discount code there for you as well. so let’s get into the construction of this mattress. it’s pretty unique.

This is a 13-inch thick mattress, and on top is Leila’s calling card, two and a half inches of copper infused memory foam. this is fluffy Airy memory foam, and the copper is there to assist with regulating temperature. below that is a two-inch layer transition foam, so you don’t feel the coils underneath. this layer has some special design elements, that are supposed to give the mattress his support which you’ve seen on a bunch of different beds, but you’re not going to feel it much if at all. then we get into the hybrid part of Layla’s hybrid 6-inch pocketed coils.

We’ve talked about pocketed coils, on how they’re superior to traditional inner Springs. the long story short is you get the support and balance.

Layla Flippable Mattress Set Up
Layla Flippable Mattress Set Up

You normally find it inner Springs, but without large amounts of motion transferring through the mattress. In fact for being a coil bed Leila hybrid is quite good at deadening movement, these coils make the Leila hybrid a great option for heavy people, as all-foam beds just don’t have the long-term support for people who weigh over 250 pounds or so.

It’s also great for people who prefer the familiar bounce you get when you add coils to a mattress, then you get to the firm side of this bed, it has the same transition foam and copper infused memory foam. but both layers are a bit thinner than the ones on the soft side, and it’s all wrapped up in a pretty cool-looking cover with the sort of trademark Layla hexagonal pattern on it, and it has nice handles on the sides to make it much easier to flip. interestingly enough, there aren’t many beds with a removable cover, that also have handles, so we like that Layla found a way to include these.

Overall the construction is pretty simple, you start with 2 layers of foam, add some pocketed coils, and then have two more layers of foam, with the thickness and the ILD rating determining how firm or soft each side is.

The Flippable Mattress – Firmness level

Let’s talk about firmness, just how soft is the soft side, and how the firm is the firm side. We put the soft-sided about a medium soft, on our furnace scale which means, it’s probably only going to be good for strict side sleepers or combo sleepers, you get a ton of pressure relief on the soft side. on the flip side, the firm side isn’t that firm, we rate it’s slightly firmer than a flat medium, a medium-plus. this means pretty much anyone can sleep on the firm side, even side sleepers.

Layla Flippable Mattress Firmness level
Layla Flippable Mattress Firmness level

The firmness range of both sides of the mattress makes it accommodating, we think pretty much everyone will find a side that they like unless you’re looking for an especially firm bed. back and stomach sleepers can get by, just fine on the firm side of Layla’s hybrid. but it’s just not that firm, so if you want a seriously firm hybrid mattress this might not be the one for you.

If you’re a heavier person because the mattress will just feel softer to you. you may want to check our website for other firmer beds, we’ve reviewed we’ll try to link some of those in the description. so that’s the firmness level of Layla’s hybrid medium soft on the soft side, and about a medium-plus on the firm side.

The Flippable Mattress – The Feel

Let’s talk about feel, I mentioned before that this bed uses copper infused memory foam as its main comfort layer on both sides. this is gonna naturally give it a memory foam feel, but it’s a New Age style memory foam. it’s fluffy and airy, and it’ll provide you with a lot of pressure relief. It doesn’t have that dense Tuck feel a lot of older memory foam beds have, it’s pretty responsive as well. It’s just flat-out comfortable, and even if you’re not the biggest fan of memory foam, I think most people will still enjoy the feel of Layla’s hybrid. And you get that additional bounce from the coils which I personally really like.

Layla Flippable Mattress Feel
Layla Flippable Mattress Feel

Let’s move on to some considerations for couples for people sharing a mattress, we’re gonna talk about edge support and motion isolation, the edge support on this thing is pretty darn good, Layla made the coils along the perimeter of the bed a thicker gauge specifically to provide extra edge support, and yeah it works as intended we don’t see anyone having any issues there,. as for motion isolation, it does a really good job for a hybrid bed of deadening movement, if you’re a light sleeper we think you’ll be just fine on Layla’s hybrid.

So that’s the story with this bed. It’s a flippable memory foam hybrid it’s gonna be accommodating even for people who don’t love the memory foam. especially given the fact that this is a double sided mattress, you should find a side that works for you, the only exception being people looking for a seriously firm mattress. But let us know what you think if you’ve had any experience with the Layla hybrid or the original Layla mattress.

So that’s the Flippable mattress.
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