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Layla Hybrid Review – Reasons To Buy or NOT Buy (2020)


What’s up, guys!. Today we’re doing a review of Layla Hybrid.

So this is a brand new bed from Layla Sleep. We’ve done tons and tons and tons of posts with the Original Layla mattress. I just want to talk about who will like this bed and who won’t like this bed and then some of the other features that I think you need to know about Layla Hybrid.

Layla Hybrid Mattress
Layla Hybrid Mattress

By the way we will have some other relevant information for you down below. I’m sure we’re going to have a coupon code on this at some point, so just check that out! Let’s get to it!

In terms of policies, you do get free shipping. It usually gets to your house within like 5-7 days, and then as far as the trial period goes. Layla gives you 120 nights to test it out. If you don’t want it, totally free returns inside that test window.

A little bit about Layla Hybrid, so this is essentially, not like perfectly, but it is basically the Original Layla mattress with coils. It feels very similar to the original bed if you’ve ever felt it before. It has kind of like a new, fluffy memory foam feel to it, and it’s flippable. So it has “a soft side” and “a firm side”. It’s one of the more interesting mattresses out there.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Soft Side
Layla Hybrid Mattress Soft Side

Because it has coils, and it’s flippable, so you get two options to get it right. You can try out the soft side. If you don’t like it, try out the firm side. So that’s one reason that people may end up getting Layla Hybrid is because there aren’t a whole lot of flippable hybrid beds out there, and there’s a pretty interesting feel to it as well. So it doesn’t have that dense memory foam feel to it, but rather it has kind of a fluffy and airy feel.

Layla Hybrid Feel Test
Layla Hybrid Feel Test

It’s unique. We have felt something very similar on the Original Layla mattress, which is the reason why I say it’s essentially that bed with coils. So for anybody out there that was interested in Layla, but said “I don’t know, I want coils”. “I want the balance”. “Maybe I want the airflow”. “Maybe I want a little bit more support”. That’s why they offer Layla Hybrid now!

It is a little bit more expensive. I think the price point for the queen is like right around $1,600. Like I said, we almost certainly will have a discount for you down below. As far as the design goes for Layla Hybrid, it’s kind of the same on the top as it is on the bottom. So let’s start from the soft side and go all the way down to the firm side.

At the top is copper infused memory film, basically the same foam you see in the Original Layla mattress. Under that is a transitional layer of foam. They have a whole lot of fancy lingo about this particular layer, but at the end of the day, it’s going to help soften up the bed, and make it so you don’t feel those coils.


It does have 6-inch pocketed coils. They’re going to be pretty responsive and they’ll also add a lot of support for the mattress. And they’ll kind of push back, so you never feel really stuck in it. Now on the other side of the coils is, again, transitional foam, and then the main comfort layer for the firm side. The bottom is going to be that copper-infused memory foam as well. They will just vary the thickness and the actual firmness rating of the foams in order to make it softer or firmer for you.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Overview
Layla Hybrid Mattress Overview

Now bringing it all together is this kind of charcoal gray cover I think it looks nice there’s nothing terribly special about it but who really cares about the cover right it’s going to help to hide stains because it’s charcoal gray it’s soft it’s comfy it even has handles

A lot of beds with removable covers do not have handles this one does though okay so now for that stuff who will like the Layla Hybrid mattress and again we’ll talk about who will not like it here in a second so the biggest group of people I think that will like Layla Hybrid is people that want a flippable hybrid mattress right

For someone who doesn’t want to buy 2 mattresses and kind of want to try a 2-in-1, Layla Hybrid is obviously something that would fit that perfectly. Beyond that, it’s really good for side sleepers. So we say the “soft side” is about a medium soft, somewhere between a 2 and 4.

In terms of the firmness scale, it’s actually fairly soft. It is a little bit softer than the soft side on the Original Layla mattress. And then if you’re to flip it and try out the firm side, it’s actually not a firm mattress. It’s still fairly soft. We consider it right around a medium, anywhere from maybe a 4 to 6 on that firmness scale.

So despite the fact that it’s named the “firm side”, it’s not actually that firm. So that’s the reason I say it’s really good for side sleepers. I think it’ll be great for petite side sleepers, medium side sleepers, and even some heavier side sleepers; though if you are heavy try out the firm side if you plan to sleep a lot on your side. Now I also think it’ll be a good option for back and stomach sleepers that are kind of medium or petite.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Construction
Layla Hybrid Mattress Construction

If you are above 230 pounds and you want to sleep exclusively on your stomach or your back, we really don’t see Layla Hybrid as having a whole lot of options for you. So that’d be an example of somebody that I don’t think this bed is best for. But if you sleep a lot on your side, I do think you’ll like the pressure relief.


Additionally, if you have shoulder pain hip pain, maybe fibromyalgia general joint pain, I think you may really like this mattress, because it has so much tension relief, so much compression and it doesn’t have that stuck feeling. It still has that kind of airy, fluffy quality to it.


Another subset of people that will like a hybrid are sensitive sleepers. So whether you sleep alone or with someone else, the bed does a really good job of isolating motion for being a hybrid mattress. It does a really good job of deadening movement on both sides, so if you wake easily at night, you may want to try it out. Because it does have a lot of that absorption that you want, so if you press on one side of the mattress, it’s not traveling to the other side of the bed.

Layla Flippable Mattress
Layla Flippable Mattress

I do think it’ll be a good option for couples as well because you’re getting two options to get it right. It has a fairly accommodating feel so long as you’re open to the kind of that fluffier, airy memory foam.


Now who is it not good for like who definitely shouldn’t get the Layla Hybrid mattress. The first subset of people, I would say, is anybody that wants a firm mattress. This is not a really firm bed. If you’re petite and you sleep on the firm side, I think you’ll consider it firmer but not a “firm bed”, not in that 8 to 10 range on the firmness scale.


Also if you’re an especially heavy individual, something over 300 pounds, it’s still a viable option. It has 6-inch quails, but the bed is going to feel quite soft to you on both sides. So unless you’re a strict side sleeper, you may want to test something out that’s made specifically for heavy individuals.


And the last group of people that I think this bed is not really best for is anybody that doesn’t like that kind of fluffy, airy memory foam, though I can’t imagine many people don’t. If you completely despise memory foam and aren’t willing to try like a fluffy new style, then you probably won’t like this mattress.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

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So that’s really it! If this article was good for you and you recognize all our hard work, I’d really appreciate it if you could check out some other articles on our website. Have a nice day!

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