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Organic Cotton Mattress

White Lotus Home Organic Cotton Mattresses made in the USA! | NTV |


Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the Organic cotton mattresses from White Lotus Home.

If you have any questions, don’t mind asking below.



First, we’ll start with the Dreamton mattress – favorite by most people.
It’s definitely a comfortable mattress that is made in the U.S. and it’s also a mattress that allows you to have a chemical free, fire retardant mattress. What does that mean?

Well a lot of traditional mattress have a lot of chemicals in them, White Lotus Home give you an option to have a hundred percent chemical free mattress made in the US. The main ingredient that they use to pass the test that we need to pass is their wool.

Organic Cotton Mattress
Organic Cotton Mattress

They layered about twelve inches high of natural fibers. They start with their pure wool right in the front, about two inches. Then they have layers upon layers of pure U.S. grown cotton, end up with a six-inch thick mattress pretty comfortable, semi-firm. They can make their mattress as a softer, thicker, lighter and heavier depending on your preference.

Now we’re going to talk about the foam core mattress. The difference between their foam core mattresses and their other mattresses is that they insert a two-inch thick piece of evergreen foam right in the middle. A foam core mattress, they do come in six-inch thickness or up to nine inches in thickness and remember you can always add a topper if you want to increase your comfort level.


This foam is a vegetable oil base. It lasts from seven to ten years which means it doesn’t start disintegrate until at least seven years. The way they constructed is the same as other mattresses, they put the layers of fibers needed. They wanted this to be an old cotton and foam, they just add the cotton and foam. They want it to be a Dreamton, they just go ahead and add the wool around it.

Organic Cotton Mattress Close Up
Organic Cotton Mattress Close Up

The foam core does come in all cotton and foam and it also comes with the wool wrapping around it, which is called the Dreamton foam core. This mattress makes a great couch piece, it makes a great statement surface because it offers the support that you normally get from traditional mattresses without any springs, with very little to no chemicals and a natural fire retardant.

Now I’m going to talk about their natural latex core mattresses. The big difference is the core is a three-inch piece of latex. This latex offers a great different comfort zones and it doesn’t start disintegrating to at least fifteen years. They come in a hundred percent cotton and wool but also they come in a hundred percent organic, which means they’ll use a nice hundred percent organic instead of the other kind to fill your mattress.

They also have some other kinds of mattresses like boulder Dreamton which is a match is constructed the same way as a dreamton. It’s firmer, has extra layers and it also has extra tough things so that the cotton states more in compact. This is preferred by folks with back problems or just prefer a firmer surface as we’d like.

About their Lotus system, Lotus system made with natural latex. The mattress is wrapped with wool and a hundred percent organic cotton case. Right inside the case, there’s wool and the inner core is natural latex.

They also have a hundred percent organic topper which inside and the outside is a hundred percent U.S. certified organic and like everything else, it’s all handmade at White Lotus Home. They also offer duvets start with a hundred percent organic sateen casing and the inside could be 100% organic cotton or wool.


Cotton Mattress

They start with a sturdy case. The case is placed on the floor and the layers of fibers are added one by one. The case is then wrapped around the mattress and the fibers are adjusted by hand until the artisan feels the mattress has enough fibers to reach the desired comfort level. The mattress is then hand-tufted with a 12-inch needle to make sure that the fibers do not shift around. The mattress is then sewn or zip shut depending on the style.

White Lotus Home 100% Organic Cotton and Wool Dreamton Mattress

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So, that’s it for the organic mattresses from White Lotus Home. I hope this post was helpful. See you guys next time and make sure to check out our page!


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