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Howdy guys, I’m here with you today to talk about the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress.


Brooklyn Bedding is a brand that’s based out of Phoenix, Arizona. They make a ton of different beds, many of which we’ve actually reviewed on this channel; but their Signature mattress is their most popular model and honestly one of our favorite online mattresses. So in this post, we’re going to cover all the things that you need to know about it, including the policies that it’s going to come with, its construction, firmness, feel, pricing, and who we think this bed is ultimately going to be best for.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress

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Brooklyn Bedding Policies


So what are the policies that you’re going to get with Brooklyn Bedding Signature?


Well, first off, you get completely free shipping. It’s going to arrive at your door, rolled up inside of a big 4 foot tall box. All you do to set it up is drag that box into your bedroom, open it up, take it out, rip off all the plastic, unroll it and watch it expand. Because it has coils, it’ll pop in a shape almost immediately, so you don’t really have to worry about giving it a great period to inflate. It might feel a little bit softer at first, but it should be ready to go on night one.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Display
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Display

And speaking of night one, that’s the first of 120. You get to try this mattress out before you’re officially stuck with it so you get a full 4 months to sleep on it. And if you decide that you don’t like it within any point in that trial window, just have it sent back. You get totally free returns with all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. You just call the company up, saying you want to return it, and they’ll usually send a local charity to pick up the bed and take it off your hands for no extra charge, and you get a full refund.

If at the end of that trial period, you find that you still love it and you want to keep it, you also get a standard 10-year warranty with Brooklyn Bedding Signature.

So that’s the policy information that it comes with. Now let’s dig into what the bed is actually made up of.


Brooklyn Bedding Signature’s Hybrid Mattress


So it has a hybrid construction, meaning that it uses a combination of coils and various foam layers.


On the bottom, it starts off with a 1-inch layer of support foam. Then you transition up to a 6 inch layer of pocketed coils, and above that you have a couple proprietary foam layers of Brooklyn Beddings Titan flex foam – one acts as a more responsive transition layer between those coils – and the top layer which is essentially a softer comfort foam.


We’d say beds that incorporate coils within their design like the Signature mattress are more ideal for bigger body types than all foam mattresses. This is because the coils provide a little pushback – something that we call bi-directional support. Over the long run, heavy people will be happy they chose a coil mattress, as opposed to one entirely made of foam, and we’ll try to link our list of the best beds for heavy people down below in the description.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Front View
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Front View

Long story short, this mattress has coils, and therefore, it’s going to be good for all body types and all sleeper types, depending of course upon the model that you get.


Actually, that brings me to my next point which is that Brooklyn Bedding Signature is offered in three different firmness levels. They have a soft model, which is pretty darn soft, probably too soft for most people; unless you’re a petite side sleeper, or someone that needs a heck of a lot of pressure relief.

Then you have their medium model, which is the most popular one. That’s the one that we have. It’s a little firmer, but not by much. We’d say that it’s more in between a medium soft and a medium, so it should work for all sleeper types. It’s definitely best for side and combination sleepers. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, you might want to look into their firm model because it’s right at a proper medium firm.

With all that in mind, let’s move into what this bed actually feels like because aside from price point, that’s going to be one of the biggest factors at play when you’re searching for a new bed.

So we like to describe this mattress as having a soft, neutral foam feel when you lay down on it. It’ll feel quite plush but you’re not going to sink into it like you would on a memory foam bed, being that it uses softer comfort foams instead of memory foam. It’ll respond much faster while still providing tons of pressure relief.


This neutral feel and the variety of firmness levels makes it an accommodating option for a pretty wide range of sleepers out there. A good way to think of the Signature mattress is a Casper’s with coils, super accommodating, really comfortable with a little bit of bounce.

Now moving over to its price tag. I’ll just let you know that this is a super affordable bed and for the money, we think it’s one of the best online mattresses out there. It actually ends up on our best beds for the money list all the time.

You can usually find a queen-size retailing for around 950 bucks, which is a great value considering that many other queen-size hybrid beds in the online mattress space go for anywhere upwards of $1,000.

Brooklyn Bedding does offer promotions from time to time. As of when I’m doing this post, we should have a coupon code that’ll help save you even more money on it. So check that out down below in the description if you’re interested.

And lastly, let’s cover a few items that will mostly affect couples.

If you’re sharing a bed with someone, you want to make sure that it’s not only right for your sleeping preferences, but for your partners as well.

As far as temperature regulation goes, this mattress sleeps about temperature neutral – meaning not overly hot or overly cold. That being said, though if you are a hot sleeper, Brooklyn Bedding also offers the Aurora mattress – which is essentially the same bed but with a cooling cover. We’ll try to link more information on that for you down below in the description as well.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Side View
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Side View

Edge support is another important factor to consider if you’re sharing a mattress. Because, let’s be honest, your partner could be a bed hog and sprawl out like a starfish and forcing you to the outer edges of the bed. And you want to make sure that they’re going to hold up under pressure. Luckily, they do! We’d say that the Signature mattress has fairly good edge support. But keep in mind that the firmer option you get, the better that edge support will be long-term.

Another element to consider when you’re sharing a bed with someone is motion isolation, which is basically the amount of motion that travels through the bed when your partner moves around at night. Even though innerspring beds aren’t typically known for deadening motion, well, Brooklyn Bedding Signature has surprisingly good motion isolation.

This is in part due to those pocketed coils because they’re able to move pretty independently of each other. So if you press down on one side, you won’t really affect the other side, as opposed to a traditional inner spring chassis which moves as one big unit.

And that’s pretty much the gist with the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress!

Overall, it’s a great value for a hybrid bed of its kind. I’d say if you’re looking for something with a really accommodating feel that’s offered in a few different firmness options, at an affordable price point, you can’t really go wrong with this mattress.

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We’ll see you next time!

Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress


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