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Best Asley Mattress Chime 12-inch hybrid mattress

This is the Chime by Ashley 12-inch hybrid mattress at a comfort scale rating of a six, this mattress has a softer than firm feel, but it is pretty close to the center of our comfort scale, so this could still be a good mattress for a good compromise where you’re not looking for something to be too firm or too soft. It’s still right in the middle, but just a little bit on the softer side.


Ashley Chime Mattress Display
Ashley Chime Mattress Display

This is going to get that comfort from the inch, and a half of high-density polyfoam that’s in the top of this mattress polyurethane-based foam is kind of the industry standard today for providing good pressure point relief, and this match this mattress has foams that are all certified, meaning if they have either met or exceeded all of the industry standards today, so you can sleep well knowing that they are all certified and going to get good pressure point relief from this fault.

The hallmark layer in this mattress is the gel memory foam, this is where Ashley has taken a quarter-inch of this material and put it in the lumbar support area which is going to be where you carry the majority of your weight. They put it there because that’s where you’re going to want the most support, the gel memory foam is a good material to use in this situation because it’s going to take kind of that similar polyurethane-based foam, but it’s going to upgrade it to memory foam, which is going to make it more durable, more substantial as well as have some motion separation properties.

Ashley Chime Mattress Fullset
Ashley Chime Mattress Fullset

It’s going to take all that and infuse gel into it, which is going to increase the durability and the density of it even more. So you’re going to get a more supportive feel thanks to the gel inclusion into that memory foam, this mattress then features another layer of that polyurethane-based foam beneath the layer of gel memory foam, which is going to work in conjunction with the couple layers that we already discussed again to help you drift off to sleep in say asleep because you’re not going to be tossing and turning.

At the core of this mattress is an individually wrapped coil system, an individually wrapped coil system, it has a couple of benefits over a tied coil system. A tied coil system is kind of how it sounds where each of the coils would be tied directly to its neighbor with steel, an individually wrapped coil system is actually where Ashley has taken each coil and put it in its pocket of fabric, then tied those together. So this is going to avoid this is going to produce a more flexible coil system as well as a more individualized sense of support this does this because if you have each coil that can act independently if you put pressure on one coil that will compress to the point where it needs to give you good support at that point. It will start pushing back, but the surrounding coils where you don’t have as much pressure will remain uncompressed in contour to the curves of your body, which again is going to help contribute to that more individualized sense of support because each coil is going to act with the pressure that you have on that particular coil, instead of having the entire coil system in that area deflect that load. So again this is going to give you a more individualized sense of support and you’re not going to get a rigid hard feel from this coil system.

Ashley Chime Mattress In A Box
Ashley Chime Mattress In A Box

This mattress then features a coil-based edge support system, where Ashley has taken the outer few rows of the coil and Kimbrough the coil system in this mattress and made it a thicker material, this is going to create a more consistent feel from one side of the mattress to the other, it may sound kind of counterintuitive to say that a harder feel on the outside of the mattress would create a more consistent feel overall, but if you didn’t have something with a little more substance to it on the edge as you got closer to the edge you would feel like you’re about to roll off the mattress, so having something with a little more push back on the edge will make it feels like you can use the entire sleep surface and not feel like you had to fight over the middle of the mattress to get the full benefits of the chime here.

Ashley Chime Mattress Construction
Ashley Chime Mattress Construction

Those last two things I mentioned that coil-based edge support system as well as the individually wrapped nature of the coil system in the mattress, means that this mattress is completely adjustable base friendly so if you’re looking to upgrade your sleep system in that way, then having this chime by Ashley 12-inch hybrid on top of it would be a great fit. Ashley offers a couple adjustable bases in their line but it would be completely compatible if you already have one or if you’re looking at one of the other ones on our website.

The last thing to mention about the 12-inch hybrid here is that it does get delivered to you compressed in a box, so with a lot of the other mattresses on our website they come delivered via LTL with white-glove carrier where you have to set up a delivery time be there for the entire delivery window, let a couple guys into your house thing you don’t know, with this mattress you don’t have to deal with any of that. This comes conveniently compressed rolled into a box delivered directly to your front porch by UPS, and you’re going to not have to schedule any delivery and it’ll be delivered to you most of the time in less than a week.

So all in all, if you’re looking for the great benefits of the chime collection here mainly in this hybrid with the gel memory foam, the individually wrapped coil system, as well as the coil base edge support system and you, want a fast delivery to get a great mattress that you can start using almost immediately, and you like this kind of a soft to a medium-soft feel. I highly recommend you taking a good look here at the Chime by Ashley 12-inch hybrid mattress.

We hope you found this post helpful if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you and don’t forget to check out our page.

Ashley Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Plush

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