Hey everyone! Today we’re doing a Leesa mattress review. We’re talking about the three best and then also the three worst things about this bed.

If you’ve done any research online, if you’ve seen any of our other posts, you probably know that Leesa is a top three or a top five mattress brand. They’re an incredibly popular company, worths probably close to a billion dollars and there’s a lot of reasons why people like their beds.




So before we talk about the best and the worst, let’s cover the policy stuff because it’s important and you may or may not know this stuff.

Leesa is a bed in a box mattress which means that it ships compressed and roll packed and it’ll be kind of sandwiched in do like a four foot box. The unboxing process is it’s not only kind of fun but it’s really easy it takes 5-10 minutes max and that includes like taking off all the packaging and doing away with all the packaging.

Usually the bed will take about a full day to expand because it uses foam, all foam, and then it also has memory foam so it needs a little time to fully expand. You can sleep on it and it’ll be totally fine but it’s gonna be a little softer just to start with.

Once you get it to your house that’s what starts your trial period so you have 100 nights to sleep on Leesa just like Casper, Purple or some of these other bed companies and you get to make your own mind up about the bed and decide whether or not it’s the bed you are looking for.

So you know clearly this is why so many people are behind beds online because it’s convenient and also in large part it’s risk free inside the first couple of months. I love that you have the free return options and then of course it comes with a 10 year warranty.






The bed itself is made in the United States which is pretty great so what’s the best thing about the Leesa mattress?

I’d say the first thing and probably the thing that you know I think most people identify when they try it but they don’t necessarily, they can’t put their finger on it, they can’t say okay this is the best part about it but I think it would be its overall accommodating neutral feel.
While the bed does use memory foam, it really just feels like a big slab of general soft foam and it’s really comfortable. I think 70% of people if not more will find it really comfortable because it has such a neutral accommodating soft foam type feel and it’s just a bed that you can have basically anybody sleep on. It’s just so accommodating and so comfortable.

The other thing is that it’s offered at a really affordable price point so the MSRP for the queen-size is just under $1,000. But you know Leesa is really popular and they compete in the online space, so obviously they need to offer discounts like all these bed companies offer discounts, so typically it come – like closer to 850 for a queen-sized.

For the bed typically they offer something like 10 or 15% off or they’ll bundle in pillows or something to sweeten the pot. Just overall, I think it’s in the sweet spot price point wise. Like most people, I think there’s a mental barrier at about thousand dollars, that’s when people start to say do I want this bed. So Leesa’s safely under that thousand dollar mark for a queen-size bed.

I consider it to be really affordable. I also think it’s a really good bet for a couple. It has that accommodating feel, it’s about a medium on the soft affirmed scale not super firm, not super soft so I think most couples laying on the bed will say yeah it’s pretty comfortable.

But in addition to that, it has pretty good edge support for an all foam bed and that’s important if you have a small bed, a full which would you know most people won’t really like having two people on a full-size bed. But Leesa’s I guess one of your better foam beds there and the motion isolation because it has all foam and a memory foam does a really good job of deadening movement.

So if you go down the the list of stuff that couples need to bed like accommodating feel, pretty good firmness level in the sense that it can manage side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers, edge support motion isolation, neutral temperature, it just checks a lot of these boxes.

So really the three best things about Leesa are just overall accommodating, really comfortable neutral feel, medium firmness, all that’s kind of bundled into one good price point, also checks a lot of boxes for couples.





Now as far as the things that I don’t love about the bed, I’d say the first thing is that it only comes in one firmness level which I mentioned is about a medium, which means that if you are a strict side sleeper and you’re petite, you want a super soft bed, Leesa they just don’t have that option.

Now they offer a little bit of a firmer bed in the superior mattress but they don’t offer a particularly soft, super soft bed. Again, I think most people are going to be just fine on the media and it will soften as you use it but you know there are some people say “I really need a soft plush bed and Leesa is not what I would consider a soft plush bed”.

Also because Leesa is made entirely of foam it’s not really a suitable option for heavier individuals. I don’t think this is a contentious point like most people generally agree. If you’re 250 pounds or more you probably want to coil bed in which case they have the superior mattress which has 6-inch coils, it’s a really nice bed, feels very similar to Leesa but it has the bounce the support, the durability provided by the coils.

So you know if you’re heavier, it’s just the way things go. You can’t choose any bed you want, you probably should go with a coil bed. Now Leesa will be just fine if you’re using it as a bed you sleep on every so often, but it’s not my favorite bed for heavy people.

And then the last point I have is there’s a lot of people that say “I expected Leesa to have a memory foam feel”, a lot of people talk about it as a memory foam bed. That’s true, it is a memory foam bed in the sense that it has one layer of memory foam but it’s actually the transition layer of the bed it’s the center layer, so you get the pressure relief from the memory foam but you don’t necessarily feel the memory foam.

Leesa again has more of a neutral overall feel so I think I would suggest maybe they changed their marketing a little bit. It’s more comfortable without that deep viscous memory foam feel, but nonetheless it is something that I think people get confused by.

So that’s the Leesa mattress. I hope this post was helpful, I hope it had everything you need. I will see you guys in the next one, have a great day, and make sure to check out Nemthuanviet!

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