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Hey everyone. Today we’re doing a GhostBed mattress for review.

So we’ve covered GhostBed at length on our website and on our YouTube channel, but for today’s post, it’s going to be our new format for reviews. Rather than go item by item, I’m going to talk about every single little thing you need to know about the bed. We’re going to talk about who it is best for and, in the process, we’ll cover everything from firmness, feel, price, design and all of that. So I think you’re going to find it really helpful.

And if that is indeed the case make sure to give us a big ol’ thumbs up. We spend a lot of time on this stuff – a lot of time – on our content and we’d really really appreciate your support. And by the way I talked quickly and our posts tend to be, or we try to keep them, concise so there’s more information that you should check out in our page – like our full review other comparisons. There’s just a lot to look at.

Let’s get to it!


GhostBed Policies

First, I think it’s important that you know this stuff, and I think a lot of consumers kind of overlook it when they’re shopping for different products, so you will get free shipping.

This is a true bed-in-a-box mattress, meaning it’s going to show up compressed inside a box. It’s about, I’d say the box is about the size of like a set of golf clubs, like a professional set of golf clubs. It’s maybe 4-foot tall and the unboxing process is really simple. You can do it with just yourself and it takes, I don’t know, maybe 10 minutes. It’s actually kind of fun if you want to know the truth.

Now once it shows up your house, that’s when a like a virtual clock starts. You have 101 nights to test out the bed to see if it’s for you. If you end up liking it, great! It comes with a 20-year warranty, which is about two times as long as what you would get with most like foam Benda Box mattresses.

Now if you don’t want it, here’s the kicker: you can get all your money back inside that trial period. You can just call the company up, saying, “Yeah I didn’t like it for this reason or that, and I want my money back.” They’ll even dispatch somebody to your house to come pick it up for free, at no extra charge to you, which is why people are buying that online nowadays. Because it’s like I’ll try it and I’ll give it a real good go for 30 days, 40 days, 50 days 101 days, and then if I don’t like it I’ll just get all my money back. The bed, also, is made in the United States.


So Who Is It Best For?

I mean that’s really what it all comes down to are you going to like the bed. I’d say the first category of people it’s going to be best for is anybody that wants like a pretty good value or that you know is a little bit more price conscious.

So the MSRP for the queen-size bed is just shy of a thousand dollars. But GhostBed is one of those companies that offers discounts year-round, and so most of the time you can expect to get the queen-size closer to $900. We should have a discount for you down below. They will change their promotions from time to time, so if you check that out in the link, you can see what they’re currently offering.

Ghoshbed Flex

But around $900, what you can expect for a queen-size bed, I think, that’s pretty good you know. It’s not the cheapest mattress we’ve ever tested, but it’s certainly not the most expensive foam bed. I’d say it’s kind of right in the middle. if you’re looking for a good value, and if you take into account the other things with the bed which I’ll cover here in a second, it kind of slides in nicely and it ends up being a, like I said, a pretty good value for what you’re getting.

And speaking of what you’re getting, you’re getting a 3-layer 11-inch mattress. Now what’s interesting about the construction of the bed is that most beds, when you buy them online, they’re like 10-inches and they’re 2 or 3 layers of foam. What makes GhostBed interesting is that, yes, it has 3 layers, but it has 3 different types of foams.

So at the base it has dense polyurethane foam. That’s kind of the foundation that you’ll see on all these foam beds. And then as you transition up, there’s a center layer of memory foam which provides pressure relief. It’s for anybody that lays on their side that needs the bed to contour to their shoulders and to their hips.

And prior posts, we talked about how you feel the memory foam. Well, it kind of depends on your body type. So you will feel the memory foam if you’re a little bit heavier and because you’ll sink in and apply more pressure. But if you’re more petite, you won’t feel as much of that memory foam. In fact, you’ll feel a lot more of that top layer. And this is the reason we consider to have a mixed foam feel, because if you’re 120 pounds you’re going to feel a lot more of that latex foam that’s on the top, but if you’re 210 pounds you’re going to feel a lot more of that memory foam because you’ll need the pressure relief and you’ll apply more pressure on the bed. So it has that mixed foam feel.

That is actually pretty unique and it’s really comfortable. It just depends on your body type. If you’re petite, it’s not our favorite side sleeper bed; but if you’re over like 150 pounds, maybe 150 to 250 pounds, I think you can sleep at any sleeping position you want, including underside back stomach or in any combination. The only thing is if you’re petite, you won’t get as much of the pressure relief because, again, you’ll feel a lot more of that latex foam.

The reason I keep bringing up latex foam is it’s actually pretty rare to see an affordable all-foam bed that has latex foam granted. I believe it’s a synthetic latex foam, but still you typically don’t see this on a lot of beds.

And our latex is a responsive material so when you press down on it it responds back to its shape really quickly. It also is aerated, so it allows for a little bit better airflow, so it really adds some different elements that you typically don’t see in foam bed.

So that’s one of our favorite things about Ghost is it has a top layer of latex foam now because of the whole mixed design. It has about a medium firmness level, maybe a medium plus, because you know all beds will soften over time. So you’d rather start it just a little firmer and have it soften up. So I kind of in my head consider it maybe a medium plus. I don’t like to do the 1 through 10 but I guess if I was going to I’d say it’s like 6, maybe 6 and a half, but it will soften nicely to be like a true medium over time.

Ghoshbed Luxe

I also think it’s going to be good for people that want a neutral sleeping bed, so it’s not going to retain the heat the way like a dense memory foam will because of that top layer of latex foam that not only helps to circulate airflow but allows you to more easily switch positions and that allows certain pockets of the bed to dissipate. This heats more quickly so it’s actually a pretty good bed for like warmer sleepers. it’ll be just fine for anybody that sleeps neutral or cold but it has some interesting things because of that latex foam.

So that’s the GhostBed mattress. You know if I was going to succinctly say who does it best for: it’s good for somebody that is open to a mixed foam feel. You don’t want true memory foam. You don’t want true latex foam. You don’t want to innerspring bed. But you want an affordable comfy foam bed. It’s a little bit thicker, and perhaps a little bit more durable than the standard bed you’d buy online.


That’s it! Let me know what you think. You can write us in the comments if you have any questions. We’d really appreciate your support. Have a great day and make sure to check out Nemthuanviet!

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