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Casper Mattress Review | 3 Things You Should Know | 2020 Version by NTV



Hey everyone,

Today, we’re doing a review of the original Casper mattress. As you’d imagine, we’ve done a lot of content with Casper. Now, we posted one on our website and I want to get past all of the guff that you see out there on the Internet, shave off and trim off all the fat and talk about what’s important who will like the Casper mattress. For now, let’s talk about the original and super popular Casper mattress.

Casper Wave
Casper Wave

Let’s start with policy stuff, we just think that it’s important you sort of know what you’re getting into so Casper is a bed in a box mattress oftentimes is referred to as the bed and a box mattress, it’s extremely popular, it’s up there with purple and Casper is the company that popularized this bed in a box concept and a lot of people naturally end up liking their beds. It comes with free shipping ships in a box, the unboxing process is like a 5-10 minute process, basically dragging it from your door into your room and setting it up.

It takes no time at all, you can do it with one person or you can have somebody sharing the fun and actually having somebody help you as makes it a lot better, but it really isn’t a tough task and it’s pretty amazing that they can fit a full bed a queen bed, a king bed, a Cal King bed inside a box, and in a matter of minutes, it’s inflated and ready to go. Now, one thing with Casper, it’s made entirely of foam and it uses a strip of memory foam.

It’ll take about a day to day and a half to fully fully expand, you can lay on it whenever you want but it will be a little softer than it will be, as a couple of days in. Just keep that in mind and then it comes with a 100 night trial period, you get to test it out to see if you want to keep it for a hundred nights and clearly, this is why so many people are buying Casper and all the other brands.  If the bed sounds like it’s for you and you end up getting it and you don’t like it or whatever reason you have you can just get your money back.

Casper Mattress
Casper Mattress

I’m a huge fan of that. I’ve said this before I shopped the gap. Consequently, I returned a lot at the gap and that’s kind of what Casper is like you can buy the bed and then just return it if you don’t end up wanting it, and it comes with a 10-year warranty. If you do end up keeping, it so hundred. I try out period completely free returns and a 10-year warranty and the bed is made in the United States. That’s the policy stuff who is Casper best for because this is a little bit of a new format.

It may be a little new to our subscribers but I think you’ll really like this new format and we’ll still cover all the stuff that you need to know with the bed. So, who’s gonna like this bed, I’d say anybody that just wants a safe pick, mattress Casper doesn’t have a truly signature unique feel there are some of beds that have this general soft foam type feel that’s really really comfortable, but it’s not the most unique thing in the world.

Therefore it’s accommodating. I would bet you that’s 70 to 80 percent of people that lay on Casper say it’s comfortable it’s good for me it may not be 100 percent of the bed that I had envisioned in my mind but I could sleep on it. Casper is kind of sitting on the fence. In terms of firmness, in terms of feel, in terms of all of these other things, even in terms of price, it’s just moderate all the things about Casper are moderate.

There’s a lot of people then end up liking it and speaking of firmness, it is about a medium, it’s not super firm, it’s not super soft, of course, if you’re heavier, you’re gonna think that it’s softer. If you’re lighter, you’re gonna think that it’s firmer. And it’s best for medium and petite individuals, anybody that weighs under like 230 or 250 pounds.

There’s just a giant market for people that want a safe pick of a mattress. And then, also it’s a good bed for anybody that likes to buy from big-name brands, they pretty much created this entire category and Casper is worth like a billion dollars target owns part of Casper. They’ve also continued to innovate to add to their bets and part of the reason, I wanted to wait on the post is that they introduced a new zone support system.

Rather than just have four layers of foams and them kind of transition up to different types of foams, they have one layer in the center, that’s split into thirds so you get a little bit of firmer kind of supportive area under your hips and your trunk and you get more pressure relief towards your shoulders and your feet. that’s something you won’t see on a lot of these like sub $1,000 beds.


Casper Essential
Casper Essential

We like the zone support concept, it’s not something you’ll probably feel when you lay on the bed, but it’s something that over time you’ll probably come to appreciate about the Casper bed. I just like that you know not only are they a giant brand but they’re trying to make their beds better every couple of years. It also is a bed for all sleeping positions side back stomach and combo you can easily rotate between positions. Now, some of this stuff comes down to what you like in a bed. Maybe you are really and you want a super soft bed Casper is not super soft, but comfortable.

Let’s say: you’re my size and you want a firm as a board bed that’s not Casper. It can accommodate all sleeping positions but it’s not gonna come in multiple firmness levels to where you can get this super firm or get the super-soft it’s also a good solution for pretty much people of all sleeping temperatures, so if you sleep a little bit warmer, it does a pretty good job of temperature regulation has that open-cell foam on top. If you sleep cold or you sleep neutral, it’s a pretty neutral bed in general and you have like shoulder pain or hip pain or you just need better pressure relief, it does have a strip of memory foam, that’s just under that open-cell foam and that does a good job of sinking in and giving you good pressure relief without providing like the 1990s memory foam, feel very comfortable.

Our monthly giveaway club, we give away a brand-new mattress every stinking month to the people that help us build our business, so that’s people that read our posts like our posts, comment on our posts and how you can enter to win a brand-new mattress, is it’s super easy. You could be entered to win a brand new mattress, I also think Casper is a wonderful solution for value shoppers.

Yes, there are more affordable pens out there, we’ve tested a ton of more affordable beds, but when you think about everything, Casper is a pretty dang good value. It’s under a thousand for the queen-size, we typically have a discount on it and usually, it comes down to about nine hundred and fifty dollars. Considering you’re getting a brand new bed that has the zone support construction, that’s backed obviously by Casper and a bunch of other big companies, I think it’s a pretty decent value for anybody that doesn’t necessarily want cheap, doesn’t necessarily want expensive but wants a pretty good value and then the last like bucket I have of people that will like the Casper mattress I’d say just couples. In general, you know when you’re trying to make a bed for two different people, you really can’t make it super soft, you make it super firm and that’s what Casper did.

Casper Mattress Display
Casper Mattress Display

They made it pretty medium. Therefore, you know if you sleep mostly on your side but your partner sleeps mostly on their back. I think within reason you both will find the bed comfortable and it has pretty good edge support not the best in the world but okay for a foam bed. But it does a really good job of isolating motion. If you have a restless partner, anybody that kicks in the middle of the night or just gets up in the middle of the night, so look I can see why Casper is so popular.

I slept on the Casper for many, many months and I find it comfortable and I like so much about this bed and also like I’ve mentioned several times now it’s so neutral that it’s hard to pick out things you don’t like, it’s not a bed for heavy people, it’s not a bed for somebody that needs something on the super soft or super firm side of the spectrum, it’s not a truly active cooling bed but it nails a ton of points and it’s a nice mattress.

I’ll see you at the next one, have a great day, and remember to check out Nemthuanviet.

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