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Best Amazon Mattress

Hi everyone! today we have another mattress comparison for you, we’re talking about the Lucid 10-inch gel memory foam mattress, the Zinus 12-inch green-tea mattress and the Tuft and needle mattress.

Best Amazon Mattress
Best Amazon Mattress

All three of these beds are considered to be on the shortlist for the best budget beds you can get on Amazon. so today we’re gonna cover everything you need to know about them, including what types of sleepers, and body types each bed is best for you.

Let’s get into the comparison.

Lucid – Best Amazon mattress

So first up, as I’ve already stated all three of these beds are considered budget level.

Let’s review the construction of each mattress, first starting with lucid this guy right here, like most bed in a box mattresses the Lucid starts with a 7.5-inch layer of support foam on the bottom for support obviously, and then on top is a 2.5-inch layer of gel memory foam, gel-infused memory foam, as opposed to just normal memory foam is supposed to help with sleeping cooler by promoting more air circulation, and wrapping all the layers is a thin breathable tensile blend cover, that is removable.

Lucid - Best Amazon Mattress

The mattress comes in a reusable duffel bag which makes it convenient to move the mattress
around just in case you want to bring it somewhere else. This is a mid-tier mattress that has
gotten great reviews from people who have actually slept on it.


Zinus Green Tea mattress – Best Amazon mattress

Next up is the Zinus green tea mattress which starts with two 3.5 inch layers of high-density support foam, again this is more of like the foundation for the bed, in the middle is a two-inch layer of what the company calls its comfort foam, and then on top is a thick three-inch layer of just straight memory foam, and it too has a thin removable cover, but one thing I would add is that it’s a bit lose and it can sort of bunch up which can be a little annoying.

This mattress also provides great support and contouring abilities, making it a supportive and comfortable option for those suffering from back or joint pain. so why has this earned its place on our best king-size mattress list, read on for everything you need to know about this awesome bed.

Zinus Green Tea - Best Amazon mattress
Zinus Green Tea – Best Amazon mattress

The foam used to make this mattress has been infused with extracts of green tea and castor oil, both

have great antimicrobial properties which help to prevent bacteria from flourishing in your bedding, the

body of the mattress is constructed from four layers of high-quality foam, and each has a specific role to

play in ensuring your comfort while you sleep. The top layer is three inches of memory foam followed by

two inches of comfort foam.

Tuft and needle – Best Amazon mattress

And last up is the Tuft and needle mattress which like the Lucid is comprised of just two layers, there’s a thick layer of support foam on the bottom, and then on top is a layer of their TNN adaptive foam, which is a proprietary foam, that’s neither memory foam nor latex, it’s sort of in-between, and it too has a thin removable cover as well, so you probably get it by now all three mattresses have a pretty basic construction, no surprise there given the price points.

Tuft and needle - Best Amazon Mattress
Tuft and needle – Best Amazon Mattress


Other things you should keep in mind

Let’s transition into feel firmness sleeper type and responsiveness

First again, starting with lucid, which has a dense memory foam feel, unlike a lot of memory foam beds though, you don’t sink in that much, and you don’t get that traditional stuck in the mud feeling, it’s sort of like the nectar bed in a box in that regard overall, we think it’s about a medium-firm on the firmness scale, but that’s an average-sized person a heavier sleeper call it 250 pounds plus might think it feels a little softer than that, and heavier sleepers might get a little bit of that stuck in the mud feeling.

On the other hand that lighter sleepers call it less than 150 pounds, might think this mattress is even firmer, in terms of sleeper type, but we think this bed is best for back, and stomach sleepers and it will work for combo sleepers as well, but if you’re a strict side sleeper, it’s probably just not the best option out there, and even though this is a memory foam mattress, we found the lucid to be a little more responsive than most memory foam beds out there, in other words, we found it easy to switch between sleeping positions.

Next up let’s talk Zinus, which has more of a soft light memory foam feel, you sort of sink into this mattress a little more and gets that traditional stuck in the mud feel, it’s slow to respond and as such it requires a little more effort to switch between sleeping positions, overall we think sinus is more of a medium-soft to medium on the firmness scale, but again that depends on your weight, we’d say this mattress is best for side sleepers and light and average size combo sleepers, we don’t think it’s the best choice for strict back or stomach sleepers or heavier sleepers, just given how you sort of sink into the bed.

We just don’t think it’ll be that durable over the long haul for those types of sleepers. However, we realize this is a budget bed, maybe don’t need it to last, eight to ten years, it’s so cheap, you can get it to use it for two or three years, and then just get another one.


Last up is tough to needle which has more of a neutral soft foam feel, it doesn’t feel like memory foam it sort of feels like a slightly firmer, Lissa mattress or Brooklyn Bowery, it provides good support, there’s not much sinkage, and it’s quick to respond, and you won’t have any issues switching between seating positions.

Overall we’d say it’s about a medium to medium-firm on the firmness scale, again that’s through the body of an average-sized person though, we think it’s best for back and stomach sleepers and combo sleepers would probably be just fine as well, but it’s just not the best choice for strict side sleepers.

Let’s move on to temperature regulation, we’d say lucid and tough to needle are both temperature neutral, you won’t heat up nor will the mattresses actively keep you cool, we think they’re just going to be neutral because they’re both kinda on the firmer side of the spectrum, you’re gonna lay more on top of the mattress rather than kind of sinking into it.

On the other hand, sinus is a little more on the warm side considering, it’s a traditional memory foam top layer, and you sort of sink in and nestle into the mattress more, it sort of just hugs you, so you might heat a little bit more especially those heavier sleepers out there.

The next topic is motion transfer or lack thereof, if you or your partner wiggle wrestle get up a lot during the middle of the night, you’re not gonna wake each other up, so that is great news for couples out there, and speaking of couples edge support is next.

Because that’s another important topic for couples who share a smaller size bed like a full or a queen because a lot of times during the middle of the night, we’ve all been there before, your partner kind of starts to hog the middle of the bed, and one person ends up on the edges, so it’s crucial that those edges can still support you when you’re on that night.

Overall I’d say lucid and tough to needle are the winners in this comparison, they’re both pretty good for all-foam beds, they’re not as good as innerspring or hybrid beds, but they’re on par with the likes of Casper, Lisa, etc Zinus, though is just okay, you sort of sink down a little more around the edges and it requires a little more effort to roll back towards the center of the bed.

So that a little about best amazon mattresses. I hope that it was helpful.

See you next time and don’t forget to check out Nemthuanviet for more contents

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