Tuft & Needle vs Casper – The best of the bests – (2020 Comparison by NTV)

Tuft & Needle vs Casper


Hi guys! Today I’m gonna be putting two of the biggest online beds on the market right now against each other.

We’ll go over how the original Tuft & Needle mattress compares to Casper and basically, go over the big reasons as to why you would get one over the other. We’ll be covering their policies constructions, firmness and feels, pricing and who we think each bed is going to be best for.

Tuft & Needle vs Casper
Tuft & Needle vs Casper

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So let’s kick this thing off by going over the policy information for both which should be pretty easy considering that they’re the exact same.

You get completely free shipping with either option. They’ll both arrive at your door rolled up inside of a big cardboard box. You just drag that box into your home, open it up, take it out, rip off all the packaging and unroll it onto your foundation. Because these are both all foam beds that have been compressed for a while for shipping purposes, we do recommend letting them sit out on your foundation for about one to three days so they can properly expand before you actually go to sleep on them.

Casper Mattress
Casper Mattress

You can’t totally lay down on them right away, you’re not gonna be damaging either by doing so but they are gonna feel a little bit better after a couple days of just sitting out.

Once the beds are delivered, that’s when your trial period of 100 nights starts. So you have an entire three months to sleep on the beds and test them out to see if you really want to keep them. We think that is more than enough time to develop a real opinion on these beds before you have to finally make a decision.

If you decide that, for whatever reason, the beds aren’t exactly right for you, both also come with completely free returns. You just call the company up, say you want to return them and they’ll usually send a local charity by your home to pick up the beds at no extra cost and you get all of your money back.

It’s really that simple however if you end up liking these beds within that trial window and decide that you want to keep them, both companies back their beds with standard ten year warranties.


That’s all for their policies. Let’s get right into this thing: What are the major reasons to go with the original Tuft & Needle over the Casper mattress?

Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle

To give you a brief overview about Tuft & Needle, they’re owned by Serta Simmons which is one of the largest bedding manufacturers in the entire world. The original mattress is actually a best-selling bed on Amazon. It’s a 10 inch thick bed that’s comprised of just two foam layers. On the bottom you have a dense support core of poly foam and on top you have a layer of T&N adaptive foam, which is basically a softer comfort foam that incorporates gel and graphite to help with temperature regulation.

It’s about a medium on our firmness scale maybe even a medium plus so it’s gonna work out great for all sleeper types: back, side, stomach in combination. We describe Tuft & Needle as having a classic soft neutral foam feel, it just feels like a super comfy foam bed.

A lot of consumers out there are looking for a new mattress that’s just a safe pick with a feel that’ll work for just about anyone and that’s exactly what Tuft & Needle actually is. A queen-size original Tuft & Needle mattress only retails for just six hundred dollars while the MSRP for a Casper queen is around eleven hundred.

However keep in mind that these prices do fluctuate and both brands have been known to run discounts and promotions from time to time. Tuft & Needle affordable price tag also makes it a perfect option if you’re someone who’s just looking to furnish a guest room with something or get a bed for one of your kids.



Now we’re moving to: Why would you get Casper over Tuft & Needle.


I think you’ll find that some key differences are going to be found within its overall construction. This bed is 12 inches thick and it’s made up of four foam layers rather than just two. On the bottom you have a dense support core then you have a transitional layer, above that you have a layer of memory foam and on top you have a layer of proprietary open-cell foam which like Tuft & Needle. Top layer is supposed to help with temperature regulation.

We consider it to be a proper medium on our firmness scale so it’s also gonna work great for all sleeper types: back, side, stomach in combination. Also because it is softer than Tuft & Needle and uses a layer of memory foam, it might offer a little more pressure relief for side sleepers in particular. Both beds will work fine for side sleepers in general but Casper probably gets the edge there.

Also related to its construction, Casper uses a zone support system that you can find within that transitional layer that I mentioned earlier. So this transition layer is essentially divided into three separate sections. The center third of the bed is a bit firmer than the other two sections under the head and the foot which are a little bit softer. This type of design is supposed to help keep your back and proper spinal alignment while you sleep. We think it’s a great element to have in your mattress if you suffer from health issues like chronic back pain.

Casper mattress
Casper mattress

The feel of Casper mattress is also going to be very similar to that of Tuft & Needle. So it has that classic soft foam feel, it does use a layer of memory foam but it’s balanced out by the more responsive open-cell foam on top. Like Tuft & Needle, it has a very accommodating feel that a lot of sleepers out there will really enjoy. Due to the fact that these are both all foam beds, they’re gonna be best for medium and petite sized individuals. So if you’re over 250 pounds, you may want to look into getting a bed that has coils because they provide more long-term durability and support.

Luckily both brands do offer hybrid models for a little extra money, you can purchase a Casper with a layer of pocketed coils instead of support foam which will make it more supportive for bigger body types. Tuft & Needle also offers Tuft & Needle hybrid but it is gonna cost you a little bit more than Casper hybrid will.



That’s pretty much all I have for you in today’s comparison. It’s kind of hard to delineate between these two because minus price point and a couple construction elements, they’re pretty much the exact same type of bed.

If you’re looking for an all foam option with a soft classic neutral foam feel that’s pretty affordable and from a reputable brand, you can’t really go wrong with either option. But when it comes down to it, I would say go with Tuft & Needle if you want the slightly firmer option that’s a little more affordable. Then go with Casper if you want the slightly softer option and maybe you like the sound of that zone support system.

Tuft & Needle


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