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What’s up, guys?

It’s me again, today I’m talking about the best mattress for bad back pain.

I heard it when I was weightlifting sometimes it’s so bad that I can’t do the things I like to do like running and sometimes, it’s just really bad so I frequently go to the chiropractor and also the doctor which my insurance doesn’t love. However, I guess I’m just bringing that up because I understand your situation or at least partially understand your situation if you have back pain.


So instead of just dragging this post, I’m gonna talk to you about which ones that I think are the best for somebody that has back pain.


Now we did an entire post and it’s lengthy. We even consulted a chiropractor and making it and we did individual reviews of every single bed on this best list so all of that would be listed down below in the description. If you need any more details checked out all of the things that we have down below in the website, let’s get to it!


NEW PURPLE – #1 Best mattress for bad back.

All right! It’s important that we didn’t just kind of guess on this list. We have a lot of data on what people are looking for with beds for back pain.

With that in mind, the first bed that we have is the best bed for individuals back pain that’s sleep primarily on their side. We’re going to go with the new purple mattresses here and the reason we selected these is that they not only offer great pressure relief but they’re very supportive.

If you go to a doctor or a chiropractor and you say “I’ve got back pain”, whether it’s lower back pain or upper back pain or just kind of in the middle of your back, they’re probably going to emphasize one thing and that is supported.


Best mattress for bad back - Purple.
Best mattress for bad back – Purple.

All of these beds will be supportive and we love the new purple mattresses because they are indeed very supportive but also really pressure relieving.

I would say purple three is probably the best or purple four because they’re gonna be great for pressure relief for your shoulders and. That’s not only for anybody that has like upper back pain and great for your hips as well but also extremely supportive.

I don’t know if you know anything about purple but it’s sort of this innovative new material – a new type of mattress that a lot of people are finding that helps them with their back pain.


In fact, the material that’s in this best mattress for bad back was invented long before they thought of a mattress brand it was used in insoles and all sorts of other products. It turns out it works well on a mattress so we’ve done tons and tons of content on purple beds.

I’ll put all of that down below in the description but at the end of the day, if you spend most of your night on your side and you have back pain whether it’s upper back or lower back pain, we think that the purple mattress is specifically the new purple mattress will do just fine for you.

THIS IS THE #1 BEST MATTRESS FOR BAD BACK We want to recommend for you.


DREAM CLOUD – #2 – Best mattress for bad back.

Now if I had to select one memory foam bed, it would be the dream cloud mattress so this is a little bit of a firmer bed about a medium-firm.

But it will soften over time. It has more of a firm memory foam feel that you won’t sink into it the way you would with like a traditional memory foam bed.

You can kind of sense a little bit that it has memory foam but really what we like about it is it’s pretty supportive. It’s got coils on the bottom and then several layers of memory foam, latex and one layer of latex foam as you transit up.

Best mattress for lower back pain
Best mattress for lower back pain

This is a bed that starts a little firmer but I think most people after a month or two will find it comfortable. I think the dream cloud could be one of the best beds for back sleepers.

If you spend a ton of the night on your back or your stomach you’re probably really gonna like dream cloud and again, it doesn’t have that deep kind of viscous memory foam.

I think there’s a lot of people that can get their arms around dream cloud and find it very comfortable. It also has this nice like cashmere cover to it overall.

It’s just a great bed and comes with a 365 night trial period that most beds including the purples they offer a trial period about a hundred nights dream cloud.


Try it for a year! And you will know it’s becoming so popular. I believe we have a coupon for dream cloud and probably most of these beds that’ll be down below in the description. Our memory foam pick is dream cloud .

This is the #2 – Best mattress for bad back that we want to recommend for you.

WINK BED – #2 Best mattresses for back pain.

Now what if you’re heavy, I’m not a very heavy individual I weigh about 170 pounds? We have some folks on our team that weigh quite a bit more than that and our good buddy jack that’s been helping us out with a lot of these videos weighs like 260 or something like that used to play a deadline in college.

Best mattress for back pain
Best mattress for back pain

Our favorite bed for heavy individuals that suffer from back pain is wink bed. It is one of the most supportive durable, luxurious beds that you can buy online and yet it’s still pretty affordable.

It comes with a full lifetime warranty. If you were to say Jeff you know, give me your top five most luxurious nicest beds online. Wink bed is definitely on that list. It comes in three different firm ovals. They make a softer model that’s primarily for side sleepers they make a luxury firm that is their most popular.


I think most people enjoy and then a firmer model that’s made for somebody who sleeps mostly on their back or their stomach. They make a plus version which is specifically made for heavy people. All their beds have two layers of coils and a fluffy Airy super nice pillow top. If you’re suffering from back pain whether it’s upper back or lower back and you’re a bit heavier 250, 300, 350 or 400 pounds, I think wink bed is going to be one of your best. If I had to pick one I would go with a wink bed and we should have a coupon for a wink bed.


CASPER – #3 – Best mattress for lower back pain.

There’s Casper wave which is like the more premium nicer mattress Casper makes. It’s very nice and it uses a zone support system.

Best mattress for back pain
Best mattress for back pain

And what’s interesting about this or this hyper-targeted zone support system is that it’s more supportive under your hips in your trunk where most people carry.

The majority of your weight and then a little bit more pressure relieving towards your shoulders and your feet. It’s gonna allow for good pressure relief if you sleep on your side but it’s still given me a more supportive all-foam bed.

We like the Casper wave mattress; it just ends up being a little bit more expensive. We should have a coupon on it but you know for an all-foam bed. It is a little bit more on the expensive end but this particular bed according to Casper was endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.


We get a lot of confidence out of that seal of approval and we think it could be a nice all foam solution for somebody that wants a bed that has been approved by chiropractors.


I just love the fact that they offer different models and they don’t overwhelm you. We’ve reviewed a hundred other beds so that’s it if you enjoyed, you’ve got something out of it. please give us any questions in the comment section.


Have a great day!



Wink Beds: Since we couldn’t find any coupon for Wink beds and Allswell we found you a very similar but much more affordable alternative for you: Olee Sleep




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